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paste – paper – pigment:

messages cling to the material of my works, one atop the other; time is preserved, possibilities consolidate.
layer by layer.

my material is the paper shell of advertising columns: a revolution in outdoor advertising.

my archaeology finds, it does not seek: décollage instead of reconstruction.
convex/ concave.

i dig my way into advertising promises. diachronically.

i trace the material structures of their surfaces. synchronically.

i discover colors, shapes, words, structures. simultaneously.

my aesthetic investigation balances in the layers of material: my decisions.

layer below layer wants to be revealed: color exposure instead of color application.
layer by layer.

what is fragment, fresco, painting? what is object, picture, sculputure?
ach almamanetro. if only françois dufrêne and raymond hains could see my works!